Located in Campbell just minutes from major hospitals including Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, the Children’s Recovery Center provides pediatric acute and subacute services for children throughout Northern California.

The Children’s Recovery Center offers a warm and engaging environment that reflects the children who live there. From carpeted patient rooms and vibrant decorations to beautiful grounds designed with the child at heart, CRC delivers an environment designed to nurture and support the machine-dependent child.

Children’s Recovery Hospital is a small facility with a dedicated staff that is instantly available when needed. With an onsite medical director, social worker, nursing, respiratory, and therapy staff, and administrative team, key personnel are seconds away from providing whatever support is needed.

The grounds and main building at Children’s Recovery Center are well maintained. Once you walk through the doors, you will immediately notice that this is no ordinary hospital. Seasonal artwork, surrounding the theme of the most current special occasion (Mother’s / Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.) hangs from the walls of the hallway leading to the Nursing Station. Numerous kites and dioramas are displayed throughout other areas. The fact that Children’s Recovery Hospital is a small facility brings the convenience of having the medical director, social worker, nursing staff, respiratory staff, therapy staff, and administrative staff all centrally located and easily accessible, without the complications found in large facilities, where these key personnel are located on different floors and buildings. Ultimately, this enables staff to provide the best individualized care and meet the needs of you and your loved one.

Children’s Recovery Center is located in beautiful Campbell, California on the San Jose/Los Gatos border. We are accessible from several major freeways and streets. In an emergency, should your child need immediate medical attention, Good Samaritan Hospital is less than 3 minutes away, followed by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.


Children’s Recovery Center is an acute care with a distinct part skilled nursing facility. We have 4 acute care beds and 27 skilled nursing beds. We provide 24 hour nursing and respiratory therapy. All of our licensed staff are PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certified. Some of our services and experiences include but are not limited to:


o Complex Congenital Syndromes

o Complications due to premature birth

o Short Gut Syndrome

o Traumatic Brain Injury

o Spinal Cord Injury

o Moyotonic Dystrophies

o Encephalopathy

o Complex Airway

o Complex Neurological and Muscular Disorders


o Central line/ Pic line

o Catheter Irrigation

o Iliostomie

o Gastrostomy

o Wound Care

Medications & Treatments

o TPN/Lipids

o Remodulin

o Baclofen Pump

o IV Therapies

o IPV/Vest Therapies

o Nebulizer & VAP

Acute Care Services

o Coming Soon

Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Speech Therapy

o ROM & Exercise Programs

o Dysphasia

o Adaptive Equipment

o Custom Wheelchairs

o Language Development

o Cognitive Development

o Assistive Technology

o Goal Setting for Developmental Milestones & Functionality

Here at Children’s Recovery Center we strive to care for the entire child and their family, by providing services and activities that not only take care of the child’s medical needs but also their emotional and psychological needs. Some of our services and activities include but are not limited to:


In Facility

o Baby Mat Play

o Swings & Play Structures

o Arts & Crafts

o Story Time

o Sensory Stimulation

o Music

o Aquarium

o Petting Zoo

o Water Play

Out of Facility

o Sporting Events

o Concerts

o Shopping

o Movies

o Zoo

o Monterey Bay Aquarium

o Pumpkin Patch

o Happy Hollow

o Family Picnic


Medical Director – Dr. Joseph DiCarlo

Director of Nursing – Najmeh (Nasim) Zadeh

Respiratory Director – Julie Harris

Rehabilitation Director – Maryam Najafi