What is pediatric subacute care?
Pediatric subacute care is the care of children with technological care and 24 hour skilled nursing care needs. Children who have a tracheostomy, ventilator, TPN, and therapy needs fit within the criteria for pediatric subacute care.
The Children’s Recovery Center provides care to children who have special needs for nursing care, but who do not need to be in an acute care hospital. Some examples are children who are ventilator dependent, trach dependent, or who have GT tubes, need IV therapy or have rehabilitation needs.

Who will take care of my child?
Your child will be cared for by pediatric physician specialists, RN’s LVN’s, certified nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

What physicians are available to answer my questions?
The Medical Director is on-site 5-7 days/week. He is available by pager 24/7 and is always willing to meet with parents and families should the need arise.

Can I stay with my child?
Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we are not able to accommodate parents sleeping in their child’s room 24/7. We do make exceptions under special circumstances for short stays.
(Visiting hours are open for parents and parents are encouraged to spend time with their children. For other family members, visiting hours, are very flexible, but must respect the needs of the children.)

What is the nursing ratio?
There is a 1:4 or 1:5 Licensed Nurse to patient ratio. Additionally, there is one CNA that works with each nurse and there are 1-2 RT’s per shift. Thus, the ratio of staff to patients is about 1:2.

Are there RT’s available 24/7?
Respiratory Therapists are immediately available onsite 24/7.

What therapy services will my child receive at CRC?
Your child will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The therapists will evaluate your child within 48 hours of admission and will determine the best therapeutic modalities for your child.

What activities will be available for my child?
There is a playroom onsite as well as an outside play area with all new play equipment. There is a rehab room for physical and occupational therapy and opportunities for the children to socialize together and play together. Additionally, there is a room that specifically focuses on the development of fine motor skills.

How many children stay at Children’s Recovery Center?
The Children’s Recovery Center is licensed for 27 subacute beds. There are 13 rooms with two children in each room and one single occupancy room. For more information, please contact us at 408-558-3640.

Once my child is transferred to CRC, do they have to stay there forever?
Definitely not. Our goal is to help your child transition safely to home.
This includes obtaining home nursing, durable medical equipment, and training parents to ensure that you can safely care for your child at home.

Will someone at CRC help me to get my child discharged home?
The case manager/social worker will work with all the appropriate agencies to ensure a safe discharge plan for you and your child.

Why was I transferred to CRC?
Your child was transferred to CRC because he/she is stable and no longer needs intensive care. CRC was created to provide medical support, therapy and developmental intervention to children and families prior to transitioning home.

What kind of insurances does CRC accept?
CRC accepts all private insurance and Medi-Cal.