Scribbles and Giggles Pediatric Day Health Center is dedicated to providing nursing services in a day care setting along with and early intervention to children with special and medical needs. We support parents and families through the inherent challenges of parenting a child with special needs. We strive to enrich each child’s experience through the use of developmental activities that are fun, educational, and therapeutic. We promote each child’s growth in reaching their highest potential.

Located in Saratoga and San Jose, California, Scribbles and Giggles is the FIRST pediatric day health center (PDHC) for children with special needs/medically-fragile children in the State of California. Our environment, our activities, our staff…everything is here to serve the individual needs of each child.

Home Health Nursing Care or Scribbles and Giggles?
You don’t have to choose just one! Our services can be in addition/supplement or an alternative to in-home nursing care. We collaborate with all of your child’s care providers to best meet your child’s needs, and your family’s.

Your child’s schedule can be molded around their early intervention and therapy schedules and your current provider can visit your child at Scribbles and Giggles. In addition, Scribbles and Giggles IS an early start provider and our staff of therapists and early interventionists are available to serve your family.